lundi 25 février 2019


The Friends of the           Anglophone Library


February 2019 Newsletter

Winter is nearly over & the next newsletter will have daffodils & Easter bunnies on the top line !

 Library News

We have invested in a banner to put outside the library during opening hours. This was a great success on the first day we put it out with several people coming in & one person  bought quite a lot of books from the Book Sale. (if you have books in good condition, do send us a list, we can either add them to the collection or put them in the Book Sale)

Suggestion table

We have set up a suggestion table on which we put books we liked. We have noticed that you tend to go to the new books section & neglect the rest of the collection. You can all add books to the suggestion table.

New books

The new books will soon be in the library. I would like to thank the volunteers who cover the books & if you wish to help, send us an email. I will send out the list in a separate mail.

AGM & summer party

It’s early days but we have set a date for the AGM & party. It will take place on Saturday 22nd June. Our friend, Anne-Marie has kindly offered to hold it at hers like last year. Do put this date in your diaries.

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