samedi 28 janvier 2017

News about the Quiz

Imagine our surprise yesterday evening when we arrived at the venue (early, thank heavens) to find the place shut! Some quick thinking & a couple of phone calls led to another venue on offer & we made the changeover in double quick time (luckily it was not too far away) leaving someone on guard to inform people (thank you Caroline) The Foal team of helpers was absolutely brilliant & the Quiz went off superbly, just shows you what one can do in a tricky situation. We were assisted by a very helpful municipal employee. & in spite of the upset, we had a very good turnout. Participants largely deserved their glass(es) of wine. Pictures below show the venue, helpers with Vicki, the Quiz in action with our brilliant quiz master Phil Claringbull & ladies peeping out from the voting booths (probably in place for the socialist primary election on Sunday). The Chinese prints on the walls are probablty there to celebrate the Chinese New Year (we were at the Maison des Rélations Internationales)
The pictures have come out in opposite order.....