mardi 3 janvier 2017


I hope you all had  a very good festive season & the Board members join me in wishing you an excellent 2017



Our famous quiz takes place on 27th January at Espace Martin Luther King 27 Bd Louis Blanc. Doors open at 5.45 so that you can fortify yourselves with a drink before putting your brains & your memories to work. Please come along with 5 euros per person in a discrete envelope to cover expenses (anything extra goes into book purchasing fund)
Saint Valentine’s at the Domaine d’O Afficher les détails

This should be a really fun evening, the Domaine d’O goes to great lengths to create a completely different venue at the theatre (rather like a cabaret, they push back the seating & set up a most convivial space). Music with the Big Ukelele Syndicate (10 ukeleles), dancing & fun (drinks on offer) Foal has a special price for associations  (16 euros). Please let me know if you are coming before 15 January at the latest

 Voces 8

This is a bit later in the year but reminders are always helpful : a group of  English  singers called VOCES 8 (singing a capella a wide range of music from classical to jazz to American crooners) will be coming to the Domaine d’O on 28th March. I have taken an option for Foal  Special price 12 euros  before 15th February



We have a permanent book sale in the library. This is a means for us to raise funds and will usefully replace the grant from City Hall which may not be forthcoming again since the difference of the real value of the rent on the premises & the peppercorn rent we are paying represents a benefit in kind of over 9000 euros. If you have any recent books in good condition, do send us a list so that they can be either added to the collection or put in the book sale. We would also like to add CDs & DVDs, don’t hesitate to bring them along. We have sold quite a lot of CDs & need to renew the stock.



As you know, we harmonised membership fees so that everyone pays at the beginning of January. Please send a cheque for 30 euros (40 for a family & 50 if you wish to be a benefactor), made out to Foal to Mike Davison 13 rue de la Paix 34130 St Aunès