jeudi 16 juin 2016


Non fiction
History’s People : Personalities and the Past      Margaret MacMillan
Everyone  brave is forgiven                               Chris Cleave
The North Water                                                Ian McGuire
Penance                                                              Kate O’Riordan
Finders Keepers                                                  Stephan King
End Watch                                                          Stephan King
This must be the Place                                        Maggie O’Farrell
How to measure a Cow                                      Margaret Forster
The Poison Artist                                                Jonathan Moore
Thomas & Mary : a love story                           Tim Parks
A woman much missed                                      Valerio Varesi
The Fox was ever the hunter                              Herta Müller
My name is Lucy Barton                                    Elizabeth Strout  
Avenue of Mysteries                                           John Irving
Did you ever have a family ?                              Bill Clegg



We had a good turnout and very quickly moved on to the party and a glass (or two) of excellent « crémant d’Alsace » which people remarked upon. There was a wonderful spread of delicious food that our cordon bleu members brought along, the weather was perfect (not too hot, not too cold) and a great time was had by all. I shall be posting some photos on Foal’s Facebook page and the blog when I get them. (the blog is a good place if you wish to look at the catalogue)

OPENING DAYS JULY (before the move)
We will be open on Saturday 2nd  & Wednesday 13th July so that you can take out your summer reading (you are allowed more books for the summer) The new books will be in the library from 22nd July so you will have plenty to choose from


We have great plans for the new premises once we get up and running. There is a lot to be done getting the place to rights, City Hall will be doing most of the work but our bricoleurs will have plenty to do too. We will have a CHILDREN’S SECTION and you are invited to donate recent children’s books (in good condition) since we don’t plan to actually buy any books for youngsters. Patricia Robb has volunteered to set up story telling sessions for the kids.

We would like to increase the MAGAZINE SECTION thanks to donations of VERY recent issues of magazines (TIME, THE ECONOMIST, etc.)

We shall be increasing OPENING HOURS and we will need VOLUNTEERS for staffing (send an email to with your possible slots). We plan to open every Wednesday(3pm-6pm) and the first and third Saturday of each month (10am-12.30am).

 Dates (subject to change) We hope to have a normal opening  on Saturday 3rd of September but you will be kept informed (it depends on how the renovation goes) and a GRAND OPENING AND BOOK SALE on Saturday 24th September from 10-12.30 & 2pm-6pm. I hope lots of you will come along on that day. It will be announced in the Press and we hope to enroll new members. All this to be confirmed. I met the technicien from City Hall ; work on schools over the holidays takes precedence, so, at the present time, it is impossible to set up an agenda. However, they do plan to do a thorough renovation with new flooring, ceiling and plumbing, so the premises will be spanking new when we move in.

We will need plenty of CHAIRS in the new premises where we plan to hold the Book Chat sessions and the Board meetings so if you have the odd chair to donate, send an email to the foal address (see above) and you can bring them along on an opening day. An armchair or two wouldn’t come amiss as we have a small room where we shall be able to sit and have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.


We shall have a stand at the Antigone des Associations in the International section on Saturday 11th September. Now that we shall able to publicise the library with an address, it will be easier to promote so there will be special flyers, and info about the Grand Opening.


This is probably getting ahead of ourselves but the good news is that the Claringbulls have very kindly offered to hold the party at theirs on 10th December. We will have a cut off for numbers so when we get nearer the time you will be asked to sign on very fast. Meanwhile, rummage in your attics for hidden treasures which could make good prizes for the raffle and let me know.