mardi 25 octobre 2016


There will be a Special Offer on the Grand Opening Day (5th November)  Free membership for November & December when you sign up

lundi 24 octobre 2016


The Mairie is finishing the renovation (which will have taken a long time, since June!) and we can finally set a date for the GRAND OPENING.

Saturday 5th November
10-12.30 & 2-6pm
We shall be holding a Book Sale on that day & soft drinks & biscuits will be on offer. We are hoping to get a lot of new sign ups with a special deal: free membership for November & December 2016
The first "normal" opening will be on Wednesday 9th November 3-6pm so please wait to bring your books back
New opening hours
Every Wednesday 3-6pm
First & third Saturday 10-12.30




The Pigeon Tunnel                                                    John Le Carre  (Autobiography)

Les Parisiennes : How the women of Paris

lived, loved and died in the 1940s                            Ann Sebba  (Historical)

Van Gogh’s ear : The true story                                Bernadette Murphy

Peacock & Vine                                                        A.S.Byatt  (Art biography)

SAS : Rogue Heroes                                                 Ben Macintyre  (Wartime adventure)


Nutshell                                                                     Ian McEwan   (Historical fiction)

A Banquet of Consequences                                     Elisabeth George   (Detective novel)

The Gustav Sonata                                                    Rose Tremain  (Historical fiction)

Hot Milk                                                                    Deborah Levy   (Contempory fiction)

Conclave                                                                   Robert Harris   (Thriller)

His bloody Project                                                    Graeme Macrae Burnet   (Crime, shortlist

                                                                                  Booker 2016)

I see you                                                                    Clare Mackintosh  (Psychological thriller)

When the Music’s over                                             Peter Robinson  (Thriller)

Commonwealth                                                         Ann Patchett  (Family saga)

The Senility of Vladimir P                                        Michael Honig  (Fictional biography)

Breaking Cover                                                         Stella Remington   (Spy fiction)

Snow Garden                                                            Rachel Joyce  (Short  stories)