mercredi 13 janvier 2016

Newsletter January 2016



Let me wish you all a Happy New Year again, I hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and that you have made all kinds of good resolutions !


Christmas Party The party was a great success, many, many thanks to Caroline and Michel Grasset for enabling us to hold the party at their lovely house. The food and drink were plentiful, the raffle (with so many prizes) a success too. We made 300 euros which goes immediately to the book fund.


Book Quiz  Coming up soon, 5th of February at the usual venue ; Espace Martin Luther King 27 Bd Louis Blanc. The doors open at 5.30pm which will give you time to have a glass in hand before the start of the quiz at 6.15. Try and come on time so that we can start on time and have time left over for a bit of socialising after the quiz.

Please put 5 euros per person into a discrete envelope and hand it in on arrival  (the money goes towards expenses for the drinks and nibbles, anything left over goes into the book budget).


Party and AGM  11th June for FOAL members It’s a bit early to talk about this but you can pencil the date into your diaries (yes, we are having a party again thanks to our friend Françoise Sorro who is kindly letting us hold it in her lovely garden)


Dues: Are dribbling in, you still have 15 days before the end of January to send a cheque (25 euros or 40 if you wish to be a benefactor) made out to Foal to : Mike Davison 13 rue de la Paix 34130 St Aunès. We have harmonised dues so that they are now paid at the beginning of the calendar year