vendredi 18 janvier 2013

January 2013 Newsletter


Now that the Christmas festivities are over we shall be able to get back to some serious reading. You will have seen the list of books on order for January, there are some interesting choices. As you know, we are in temporary premises and we are only able to open three times a month which means we are pretty flexible about the number of books you can take out and for how long. We want you to enjoy your reading.

On January 11th we had the Book Quiz, the new format, which enabled everyone to participate, was much appreciated. Thank you to the organisers who did so much to make the event such a success. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos but we will rectify that error at the NEXT EVENT which takes place on 15th February, the day after St Valentine’s day.

Very appropriately we are offering a play reading called Love Letters, written by A R Gurney. The play involves just two characters who exchange letters over a span of 50 years. One correspondent is eager to write, the other more diffident and the result is a correspondence that is pithy, exhilarating and funny, and well as wise, wistful and tinged with in-your-face reality, love and sadness. Don’t miss this special play-reading production.

Date  15 February at 6pm     Venue: Martin Luther King Annex, 27 Boulevard Louis Blanc

There will be a small charge of 5 euros which will also entitle you to drinks and nibbles. Please send an email to before 5th February to let us know if you plan to attend so that we can organise quantities. This event is open to all.

Book Chat continues to be very popular, the meetings are now held at the library venue.

Membership remains stable, we have lost some people by the wayside but we have gained new members, all we need now are permanent premises. We have put in an application at the Town Hall but if anyone has a suggestion, write to at once! The shelves are almost full and we need to expand. There are some good books in the permanent Book Sale, selling the books allows us to buy more new books and make space. At the moment we are obliged to say “no” to offers of books for lack of space.

We have made contact with the British Council in Marseille who is interested in our project, we should be meeting with a representative soon and hope to get some form of support.


jeudi 17 janvier 2013


Another diverse selection, some well-known authors, others less well-known. In the thriller department we have some staples : Ian Rankin, Val McDermid, and an author who is new to us, Gillian Flynn « Gone girl » Another author new to us is Jojo Moyes , if we like this one, we will also buy her previous book.


Paul Auster                                       Winter Journal

Michael Chambon                           Telegraph Avenue

Jennie Field                                      The Age of Desire

Alice Munro                                     The Sense of an Ending

Shalom Auslander                           Hope : A Tragedy

Lawrence Osborne                          The Forgiven

Julian Barnes                                   Through the Window

Susan Hill                                          A Question of Identity

Ian Rankin                                       Standing in another man’s Grave

Val McDermid                                 The Vanishing Point

Aravind Adiga                                 Last Man in Tower

Gillian Flynn                                    Gone Girl

Jojo Moyes                                        The Girl you left behind

Rose Tremain                                   Merivel : a Man of his Time