lundi 14 novembre 2016

Loads of new titles added to the collection in November 2016

We have added a load of new books to the collection from various donations which will cater to all tastes! Travel & other excellent non-fiction, lots of novels & crime. If you are thinking of donating books, we have to be a bit strict. We ask for a list with author, title, publication date & condition. The Book Acquisitions Committee then decides which books to keep. From past experience & in the days when we were a fledgling library, we accepted donations sight unseen only ot discover that we had been had because people were offloading their chestnuts (ancient, well-thumbed, read in the bath kind of thing!) so we are more wary now.
You can also donate CDs which have been selling at a good pace in the permanent sale.
If you would like the list of the new titles send an e-mail to

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