mardi 3 mai 2016


Well, the good news has been confirmed.
After 6 years of existence and 4 years with a premises dossier at City Hall, we have finally be given permanent premises!!!!! Very near the town center on rue Lakanal, quite big (76 sq metres), will need a bit of sprucing up but we should open at the beginning of September which will give us time to get things organised. We have books all over the place in various cellars and attics, some belong to the library proper and others will go into a Book Sale which we shall hold on opening day. Of course this calls for a celebration and we shall be drinking fizzy at the AGM on 11th June (open to paid up members) before the al fresco lunch in one of our member's lovely garden. If you feel like joining up now, send an email to and you will be eligible for the party too!


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