mercredi 28 octobre 2015


The prizes (hard work on the part of the board members) are coming in thick and fast.
The RAFFLE is currently one of our main ways to raise funds (we don't have a permanent Book Sale at the moment due to lack of space). The meney raised goes straight to the purchase of new books.
If you would like to reserve tickets (5 for 5 euros and 10 for 8 euros) send an email to


·        3 bottles of wine from the Jonathan James vineyard
·        A manucure in a very nice beauty parlour
·        Voucher for a meal at the Beehive
·        Voucher for 30 euros at the FNAC
·        Tea for two at the Sisters café
·        2nd tea for two at Sisters’ Café
·        Voucher for a lunchtime meal at Le Petit Bistrot
·        A very pretty necklace (modern)
·        Voucher Bookshop
·        6 bottles of delicious wine from a local producer : Domaine de Causses Lattes
·        Cream tea for two at B’Cosse
·        Cashmere and silk scarf

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