lundi 13 octobre 2014

I hope you are all safely back from your holidays and ready to come to the library to have a look at the new books which arrived at the end of September.
There is quite a lot of news, the grant money from the City Hall arrived.
Foal had a successful day at the Foire aux Associations with nearly 50 people signing up to ask for information. Many thanks to those who staffed the stand, it is a tiring business.
We have decided to harmonise the dues over the coming year so that by 2016 everyone will be paying at the beginning of January.
The biggest piece of news, however, is that we shall be leaving our present location some time in January. Currently, we have a fallback solution and one or two leads. It would be good if all members could ask around. We need between 30-40 square metres and we do not have the funds to pay rent. I suggest you put up signs in likely places. (One of the leads we have is thanks to just such a sign which I am sending as an attachment). Although we have had a grant application at City Hall for over two years, nothing has come of it yet, at the moment, they are doing an audit  of all premises for associations and there is no date for the next meeting of the Commission.
 ·         28 November: Literary Conference open to the public, organised by the AWGLR and Bookshop
Janet Tessier du Cros, a scotswoman who lived in the South of France, has published her memoirs about World War II in the mid 1950s. Since the south wasn’t strictly speaking occupied territory and there have not been written as many books about this regions during WW2, this book gives us a unique perspective on the difficult time she and her children traversed. Her son, Mr. Tessier du Cros will be coming to speak about the book, his mother and the war, we will then have somebody read some fragments and hopefully have some demonstration of Scottish dancing too. Wine and beverages will be served, as well as sundry items. 
Espace Martin Luther King  27 Bd Louis Blanc Time: 5-9pm 
·         Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th December at the Theatre Jean-Claude Carrière at 8pm
I am hoping to get a few seats for this event at the Domaine d’O. Will keep you informed, but they are fully booked and my contact there is doing his best
 SMASHED By Gandini Juggling
What class, what elegance ! Wearing dark suits and sober little dresses, these 9 jugglers/actors/dancers pay tribute to Pina Bausch and her legendary Tanztheater.
With extraordinary precise juggling and exceptional dancing, the troupe produces sepia images, vague souvenirs of 1940s London, all slightly offbeat thanks to their devastating humour. You will be amazed by the fabulous energy of these out of the ordinary Brits.
·         12th December : Foal’s Christmas party, held at the Claringbulls to whom many thanks for allowing us to hold the party there. Foal will be providing the drinks,  members are asked to bring along finger food. We are organising a RAFFLE again with lots of wonderful prizes. The raffle is a way for us to raise money and tickets will be on sale at the library from the 22nd October and on the day of the party. (1€ each, 10 for 8 €)
·         23rd January : Our famous literary quiz we are waiting to have the room at Martin Luther King confirmed, you will be informed in good time.

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