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The first event is a Musical Comedy at the Domaine d’O

 The Wings of Desire is coming to the Domaine d’O on 31st January 2014 at 8pm.

This high energy rock opera  (in English) is bighearted and poetic and also very contemporary. It has been staged at  most of Europe’s great venues.

The Wings of Desire is a loose adaptation of Wim Wenders’ 1987 film. The story starts in Berlin just before the wall comes down. Two angels keep vigil on mankind with an invisible and kindly presence. One of them, Daniel, dreams of experiencing real life and carnal pleasures. His meeting with Marion, a trapeze artist, encourages him to take the plunge.

In this deeply moving work, the director explores the themes of our  human condition, loss of identity, the search for happiness and freedom, all of which interact with the rock music.

On stage, five magnificent dancers and six excellent musiciens from the Belgian rock scene embody, with extraordinary energy, this great film classic with video screenings in the background.

The Wings of Desire is more than a rock opera in that it offers a rewriting of a dreamlike fantasy, a very high-level musical trip.



Foal is happy to coordinate the purchase of tickets. Special Foal price 12 € (instead of 20€)

Send a check made out to Foal before 31 December to :

V Metherell 31 bis Avenue St Lazare Bât O 34000 Montpellier You will be able to pick up the tickets at the desk at the theatre.


The second event is our FAMOUS LITERARY QUIZ, (3rd edition) to be held on 28th February at the usual venue at Martin Luther King, 27 Bd Louis Blanc. Start of the evening at 6pm with drinks and nibbles. Quiz starts at 6.30pm

We ask for a small contribution (5per person in a discreet envelope) to be handed in on arrival. Let us know if you are coming with an email to : so that we can organise quantities.



Later on, on 11th April in the afternoon, the Montpellier Académie is organising the semi-finals and finals of their debating competition (in English) with lycéens from around the area From what I have gathered, these will be formal debates along the lines of a university debating society. The event will take place at the CDRP, Allée de la Citadelle, not far from the Lycée Joffre. I am sure this will interest, among others, all us retired teachers and also those still working.





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