samedi 11 mai 2013



Shards of Light on 12 April was another Foal smash hit thanks to the members of the BookChat group, the Occhoeur singers and, of course, our Art Director, Philip Marchand. We were moved, amused and enchanted by the varied entertainment and we enjoyed our drinks and chat afterwards. A big thank you to all the participants.

I tried to find an image to illustrate our smash hit but all I could find were images of  a group called SMASH HIT COMBO , never heard of them !! (heavy metal, rock ?)  See photos below

Summer closing

 You will receive the July to December schedule in due time but you need to know that this year we have decided to close in August, too hot, too few visitors. But you will be able to borrow as many books as you want (within reason). We have never lost a book since we have opened and we trust you all implicitely ! There will be an arrival of new books before that.

Picnic at Domaine St Hilaire

 We have had a good response and we are looking forward to a very pleasant outing on 1st June

Annual General Meeting

 Thursday 20 June at 6pm at the Martin Luther King venue for FOAL members. (as many of you as possible we hope).

You will be sent the agenda nearer the time.

Foal will provide drinks and nibbles afterwards

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