dimanche 16 septembre 2012

New books on order September 2012 and donation



The end of the wasp season                        Denise Mina

Bones are forever                                        Kathy Reichs

The Girl on the Stairs                                  Louise Welsh

Tom-all-alone’s                                            Lynn Shepherd  (Corsaire)

Vengeance in mind                                      N J Cooper

The Kingmaker’s daughter                        Philippa Gregory

Winter of the World                                    Ken Follett

Sweet Tooth                                                 Ian McEwan

The Song of Achilles                                               Madeline Miller

San Miguel                                                   T C Boyle

Tigers in red weather                                  Lisa Klaussmann

In One person                                               John Irving

The Dinner                                                   Herman Koch

The Best of me                                             Nicolas Sparks


We have also received a large donation from one of our members, the following books are already in the library

We have received a large donation from one of our members and have started processing the books. You will find below some interesting « oldies » that have been incorporated into the collection

General Fiction

T.C.Boyle                                          Inner Circle

T.C.Boyle                                          Water Music

A Brookner                                        Falling slowly

J Franzen                                            The Corrections

D Baldacci                                         The Christmas train

F McCourt                                         Tis

J Winterson                                        Lighthousekeeping

S Faulks                                             Engleby

R Seiffert                                           The Dark room

H Mantel                                            An Experiment in love

M Amis                                              Yellow Dogs

M Bragg                                             Crossing the lines

M Atwood                                         Alias Grace

T Parsons                                           Man and Wife

A Mathews                                        Apothecary’s House

A Brink                                              The other side of silence

A Soeuif                                            The Map of Love

K Follett                                            A Dangerous Fortune

W Lamb                                             The Hour I first believed

P Auster                                             New York Trilogy

Potok Chaim                                      The gift of Asher Lev

D Leavitt                                           The page turner

D Leavitt                                           The Indian Clerk

C McCann                                         Songdogs




H Mankell                                          Before the Frost

H Mankell                                          Depths

N French                                            Catch me when I fall

N French                                            Death in a strange country

PD James                                           The Murder room

PD James                                           Shroud for a Nightingale

B Vine                                                           The Blood Doctor

E George                                            With no one as witness

E George                                            A Traitor to memory 

E George                                            A Place of Hiding

I Rankin                                             Simisola

I Rankin                                             Watchman

Reginald Hill                                     The Lake of Darkness

Reginald Hill                                     The Woodcutter (this is his most recent book and it is an 

                                                            exceptionally good crime novel, an absolute page turner)

I Rankin                                             Dead Souls

M Walters                                          The shape of snakes

M Walters                                          The Devil’s feather

Q Jardine                                           Skinner’s Trail

D Leon                                               Death at La Fenice

D Leon                                               Memory Game

Non Fiction

A Beevor                                           The Mystery of Olga Chekhova


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