mardi 5 juin 2012


As the photos will show, FOAL was present at the Comédie du Livre, and after a few snaffles, we got the computers up and running and the public was able to come and listen to selected recordings of authors and poets from the BBC archives. The stand was manned by Foal volunteers, to whom many thanks. The CDs are now available for loan at the library. We actually didn’t have a lot of people because the part of the stand we occupied was rather hidden away, but we managed to hand out quite a few flyers and hope this will eventually bring in some new members.

We had two very successful breakfast meetings with two British authors, Kate Summerscale and Roger John Ellory. The latter, who we have discovered thanks to the books that the Mairie bought for us (we have 6 of his in the library now), is an extraordinarily pleasant guy and we had a great talk with him. Those of us who have read one or more of his books are really smitten with the quality of the writing and the stories he tells. I told him we were going to set up a Fan Club ! He signed three of his books for Foal including his latest offering, « A Dark and Broken Heart » which came out two days ago (we can’t get more recent than that !) Kate Summerscale signed « Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace », also her latest publication. We took advantage of the fact that authors were signing books during the event to get a signed copy of David Lodge’s latest, « A Man of Parts » and of Marina Lewycka’s « Various pets alive and dead ». She wrote a book that has become quite a cult,  « A Short History of tractors in Ukraine ».
                                                                                                      Kate Summerscale signing her book

For those of you who haven’t yet put the date in your diaries, don’t forget the Annual General Meeting on 15th June at the Martin Luther King venue at 6pm. E-mail your presence to so that we can provide enough food and drink !

 Some members in front of the stand and Roger Jon Ellory signing his latest book

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