mercredi 21 mars 2012

Books bought by Foal since opening of the library

Non Fiction

Margaret Atwood                                          Payback

Peter Baldwin                                                 Narcissism of minor differences

Rosamund Barlett                                         Tolstoy : A Russian life                                 

Michael Caine                                                The elephant to Hollywood  

Stephan Clarke                                              One thousand years of annoying the French

Theodore Dalrymple                                      Spoilt rotten   

Guy Deutscher                                              Through the language glass

Joshua Foer                                                    Moonwalking with Einstein: The art and science    

                                                                       of remembering everything      

 Antonia Fraser                                              Must you go  

Judy Golding                                                The children of lovers            

Christopher Hitchins                                     Hitch-22                                                                                

Ivana Lowell                                                             Why not say what happened: A memoir

Robert Mc Crum                                          Globish: How English became the world’s


 David McCullough                                      The Greater Journey – Americans in Paris

Wendy Moffat                                              E.M. Forster; A new Life                 

V.S. Naipaul                                                  The Masque of Africa           

 Joyce Carol Oates                                         A widow’s story: a memoir

Andrew O’Hagan                                          Life and opinions of Maf the dog and of his

                                                                      friend Marilyn Monroe                          

Olivier Philippoonat                                      Life of Irene Nemirovsky     

Edmund de Waal                                          The Hare with amber eyes                                        


Kate Atkinson                                                           Started early, took my dog

Paul Auster                                                    Invisible

Julian Barnes                                                 Pulse  

Sebastian Barry                                              On Canaan’s Side

William Boyd                                                Ordinary Thunderstorms

Andrea Camilleri                                           The wings of the sphinx

Peter Carey                                                    Parrot and Olivier in America

Justin Cartwright                                           Other  people’s  money

Michael Chambon                                          Amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Michael Connolly                                           The drop

Don Delillo                                                    The falling man

Robert Edric                                                  London Satyr

Ken Follet                                                      Fall of giants

Ariane Franklin                                              A murderous procession

Jonathon Franzen                                          Freedom

Nicci French                                                  Complicit

Esther Freud                                                   Lucky break

Jane Gardam                                                  The man in a wooden hat

Elisabeth George                                           This body of death

Robert Goddard                                            Blood count   

Shilipi Gowda                                                           Secret daughter

Michel Gregario                                             A visible darkness

Philippa Gregory                                           The Red Queen

Philippa Gregory                                            Lady of the rivers

Elly Griffiths                                                 The house at sea’s end          

Paul Harding                                                 Tinkers

Robert Harris                                                  The Fear Index

Elisabeth Haynes                                            Into the darkest corner

Susan Hill                                                       The  betrayal of trust

Michael Holroyd                                           Book of secrets

Howard Jacobson                                          The Finkler Question            

PD James                                                       Death comes to Pemberly     

Jonathan Kellerman                                       Evidence

Steven King                                                   Full dark, no stars      

Donna Leon                                                   Drawing conclusions 

Deborah Levy                                                 Swimming home

Penelope Lively                                             How it all began

Michelle Lutze                                               Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart

Sofi Oksanen                                                 Purge

Tom McCarthy                                              C

Val McDermid                                              Trick of the dark

Jo Nesbo                                                        The Devil’s star (the new Stieg Larsson)     

Jo Nesbo                                                        The Redbreast

J Carol Oates                                                 Little bird of heaven

Edna O’Brian                                                Saints and Sinners                 

Sofi Oksanen                                                 Purge

Michael Ondaaje                                            The Cat’s table

James Patterson                                             Worst case

Jodi Pecoult                                                   Sing you home                      

Kate Pullinger                                                The Mistress of nothing

Tom Rachman                                               The Imperfectionists

Kathy Reichs                                                  Flesh and Bones

Ruth Rendall                                                             Tigerlily’s orchids

Andrew Rosenheim                                       Fear itself                  

Philip Roth                                                    Nemesis

Polly Samson                                                 Perfect lives   

C.J.Sansom                                                    Heartstone

Kathyrn Stockett                                           The Help

Antonio Tabucchi  (new translation)             Pereira Maintains       

Colm Toibin                                                   The empty family      

William Trevor                                               Love and summer

Joanna Trollope                                             Daughters-in-law

John Updike                                                  My father’s tears

David Vann                                                   Caribou Island           

Hal Vaughan                                                 Sleeping with the enemy

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