mardi 14 février 2012

We have set up a new association called FOAL (Friends of the Anglophone Library). All our efforts to keep the original collection intact and accessible have come to nothing so we have set up a small lending library for members of Foal at 29 rue Maguelone , Montpellier on the 1st floor at the IMLS (opposite the station). We are starting small but the idea is for members to bring along recent books they not longer want to keep (not older than two years) and donate them to the library, or, alternatively, lend books which they could take back after a few months. (in which case, you need to affix a sticker with your name on it). Some of the books you bring will go on the shelves to be lent out, others will go into a permanent Book Sale, the proceeds of which will allow us to buy new books. We hope all this will have a snowball effect.
We have what we call the "Front Shelf" where we put the recent purchases, and a good selection of less recent fiction and thrillers as well as biographies and "lifestyle" books.
If you bring along really recent literature, we can pay a small sum for books (1 or 2 euros) to add to the collection.
We have already bought a selection of nearly 80 recent books. (see list below)
The library is open every Wednesday from 15-18, and members can take out two books at a time for two weeks (there will be a small fine for lateness, 50 cents per book per week). A member of the Board is always there to help.

We also organise  cultural events about which you will be kept informed in a Newsletter. Book Chat sessions provide an opportunity for members to meet as a group of readers, with each person talking briefly about a book she or he has read. Books are passed round so one can note titles and authors. Eight to ten books will normally be ‘highlighted’ at each session. If you would like to participate in a Book Chat meeting, send your name, telephone number and “best time to contact” to
We are open to all suggestions for new activities.

Many of you have voiced support over the past few months; by joining Foal you will be showing this support and, we hope, getting something in return.
Membership runs for a year from date of joining


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